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PhD Students

CROW is working with students both in the United Kingdom and internationally who have an interest in age, work, retirement and cross-national management. If you are interested in pursuing a PhD with CROW, learn more about applying via Middlesex University here


Helga Hejny

My research deals with age discrimination outside the employment, where age is a negative differential factor in access to goods and services, especially in the light of demographic changes. Thus, Europe is working on an age-friendly directive, for which my research aims to pursuit a comparative analysis among UK, Italy and Austria, able to tackle legislative differences and political conflicts which are likely to occur, in consideration of the employment directive running on age.


Martin Sposato

My research deals with female leadership in China and Hong Kong, and how the rapid social changes, institutional factors as well as the traditional values of the Chinese culture, influence the large number of woman who are part of the Chinese workforce and have been gaining managerial positions.


Henry Shie

With over 15 years of experience in providing residential care services for elders in Hong Kong. He is now on a research on “Developing a customer-driven accreditation system for elderly residential care homes in Hong Kong”, focused on developing a comprehensive accreditation system for the long term elderly care service industry. The research aims at establishing a balance between the government, service providers and service users in the best interests of elderly with needs. The research incorporate ideas adopted from overseas accreditation systems, and theories especially in the marketing aspects, which provides a feasible "All-win" solution for all the parties in the elderly care industry.