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Professor Matt Flynn

Dr. Matt Flynn is a professor at the University of Hull and the Director of the Centre for Research into the Older Workforce. His research interest focuses on the impact of ageing societies on the world of work. He has carried out research for the UK government and European Union and has conducted research in the UK, Germany, Japan and Hong Kong. He is currently leading an ESRC study which applying the Capabilities Approach to work to retirement transitions as well as a study for the Trades Union Congress on the impact of the abolition of the default retirement age on older workers.


Dr Chris Ball

Dr Chris Ball is a Research Fellow in the Department of Business Studies at Newcastle University where he specialises in research on the opportunities and challenges of workforce ageing. He is now working with the Centre for Research on Older Workers (CROW) at Newcastle and Hull Universities and currently engaged on a European Union funded project, ASPIRE (Active Ageing through Social Partnership and Industrial Relations Expertise). Chris was previously Chief Executive of TAEN - The Age and Employment Network, National Secretary of the Manufacturing, Science and Finance Union and in his early work life, a Physics Teacher.


Professor Stephen McNair

Professor Stephen McNair founded CROW in 2003, and has been researching age and employment issues since then. He has worked on all the CROW publications, and most recently was the lead author of the major study of age, work and training for the Nuffield Foundation. He is currently Vice Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board of EU’s Joint Programming Initiative on demography, and leading a review of European data on age. He is also Secretary of the National Older Learners Group and a member of the UK Advisory Forum on Age. Until recently he was a Research Fellow of the UK Commission on Employment and Skills and author of the Commission’s guide to age and employment.