Military transitions after 50

The Officers’ Association has commissioned research into the experiences of the Armed Forces community (including Serving and Ex-Serving Personnel) aged 50+ who make mid-career transitions into civilian work. We are talking with ex-Service people, current military personnel and employers to talk about the challenges and opportunities of a mid-career transition out of military service.

What’s the Context of the Research?

As people are living healthier lives and staying in work longer, many are considering changing occupations and industry in order to find new challenges which better suit their lifestyles.  This may be especially true for some older Service Personnel who want to apply the skills, knowledge and vast experience which they have acquired in active Service towards a new career. Making a successful job transition can also be a challenge. While employers say they value Ex-Service people for their discipline, decision-making and critical thinking, many are uncertain of how they can use military-acquired skills in their respective industries.  As the MoD is aware, there is a great deal of evidence that a well-constructed plan for transitioning to civilian work can pay dividends to older Service Personnel in finding jobs which they value.(CTP 2018)

What kind of questions are we considering?

  • What career support did you receive from the Armed Forces, support groups and other organisations?
  • What were some of the biggest challenges you faced in making a career move?
  • What were your reasons for making a mid-career transition?
  • How did employers value the skills, knowledge and experience you offered?
  • How did you adjust to a civilian career when your first left the Armed Forces?
  • What can the Armed Forces, support organisations and employers do to improve the transition of older Service leavers into civilian work?
  • What advice would you give to older Service Personnel who may be following in your footsteps?